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Regulations on the accreditation procedure for mass media journalists

1. General Provisions

  • 1.1. Mass media journalists are to be accredited at the World Women's Chess Championship by the Press Center of the Championship in order to refine interaction with Mass Media, create necessary conditions for journalists' professional activity to cover the Championship veraciously and fully.
  • 1.2. Accreditation is carried out in concordance with the Russian Law about Mass Media and the present Regulations.

2. Right to Accreditation

2.1.    The right to authorize a journalist to represent a mass media outlet at the   Championship belongs to the editorial office of any registered mass media outlet.

3. Accreditation Procedure

3.1.    The Press Center reserves the right to establish quotas for journalists on inquiry of one editorial office to cover specific events taking into account real possibilities of their placing in premises.

3.2. Accreditation will be granted upon presentation of accreditation form.

The Application Form is to specify as follows:

  • 1. Name of Publication or agency
  • 2. Subject matter
  • 3. Job title
  • 4. Journalist's full name
  • 5. Publication mailing address
  • 6. Publication telephone number
  • 7. Fax
  • 8. E-mail

Download accreditaition

3.3. Accreditation of journalists is carried out in the Press Center of the Championship on getting the application for accreditation. The applications for accreditation should be sent to executive director fax: +7 (8662) 47-64-83 or via e-mail

3.4. Accreditation Certificates (Badges) will be issued to accredited    journalists individually.


4. Primary rules for working with accredited journalists

4.1. The Press Center will provide the necessary professional working conditions to accredited journalists such as:

  • Information on current events
  • Opportunity to participate in all press conferences
  • Help in organizing meetings with the participants and organizers of the Championship
  • Additional information materials
  • Information within two days from the moment the inquiry has been made
  • Daily press release delivery (on the days the Championship is held)
  • Telephone, Fax and Internet access
  • Opportunity to work on a PCaccording to the order and schedule, coordinated with the Championship press officer

5. Obligations of the Accredited Journalists

5.1. The accredited journalist must:

  • 1. comply with the requirements of the Russian Law about Mass Media and the present Regulations.
  • 2. not interfere in the course of events they attend unless they are organized for the press
  • 3. adhere to the procedures set for events in the course of holding the Championship
  • 4. carry the accreditation badge on them at all times.

6. Activities of the Championship Press Center

6.1.  Address of the Press Center: 8 Pirogova Street, Nalchik,  360051. Intour-Hotel "Sindica".

6.2. The Championship Press Center staff:

  • 1. Press officer of the Championship;
  • 2. The Head of the Championship Press Center
  • 3. Other authorized members of the Organizing Committee.

6.3. Opening hours of the Press Center: 10:00 a.m. - 21:00 p.m. It can be prolonged on tiebreak days.

For any additional information contact the Organizing Committee of the World Women's Chess
Championship 2008
Tel./Fax: 7 (8662) 47-64-83

Press Center +7 (8662) 49-26-54, +7 (8662) 49-26-77

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Press Center +7 (8662) 49-26-54, +7 (8662) 49-26-77
Press-service of the President and the Government of the KBR

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