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First tie break game went to Hou Yifan
September 12, 2008
Koneru had the courage and determination to repeat the Spanish Breyer variation in the first tie break game today. However, she cleverly diverted from the previous c5 and Nh5 moves and selected a continuation with Re8. When Hou closed the center with 16 d5, Koneru got a chance to take the initiative by pushing with 17...c6 Read more...

Kosteniuk in the final, Koneru-Hou tie break
September 11, 2008
After winning yesterday against Cramling`s French defense, Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) needed only a draw to get onto the final stage of the Women`s World Chess Championship. In a solid game with no surprises or novelties but with a strong fight, she made it and after seven years, she will play for the title again Read more...

Youth wins!
September 10, 2008
Strange things are taking place in this Championship: the closer the denouement, the faster the players who "remained alive" try to reach the target. If in the first round we had a chance to observe a sudden death game, the second round ended in a blitz whereas the third one - in rapid games, there was no a tie break whatsoever in the quarter final. The semi-finals are most likely to follow the same pattern, so confident and convincing are Kosteniuk and Hou Yifan's victories Read more...

Hou and Kosteniuk won the first games of the semi-final
September 10, 2008
The young strength of the Chinese player and the fighting spirit of the Russian contender prevailed today Read more...

Semi finalists already have a free day tomorrow
September 8, 2008
As Koneru, Kosteniuk, Cramling and Hou have won their 4th round matches against their opponents without tie break, they will have a free day tomorrow Read more...

Kosteniuk in the Semi-Final
September 8, 2008
Former World Championship finalist, Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) has been showing great determination and a good form in the Women`s World Chess Championship in Nalchik. After she played a draw yesterday with White against Anna Ushenina, today in a Qc2 Nimzo-Indian she defeated her opponent in 25 moves with Black Read more...

Humpy Koneru: I have been dreaming to become a Champion since my childhood
September 8, 2008
An Indian chess player Humpy Koneru has the highest rank at the Women's World Chess Championship which got under way in Nalchik. She played a magnificent game in the first round of the tournament and qualified to the third one having missed the second round because her opponent from Georgia had not shown up. We talked to her on one of her free days Read more...

East vs West
September 7, 2008
The participants of the Women's World Chess Championship were seeded according to their ELO rating. But nobody could expect the situation to  be something like East vs West by the beginning of the quarter final. On the one hand,  Konery, Mktrchian, Hou Yifan and ShenYang are moving to the final, on the other hand, we have a quartet of European chess players: Stefanova, Kramling, Kosteniuk and Ushenina Read more...

Two wins, two draws
September 7, 2008
In the first day, quarter final matches brought long battles as predicted here and only two ended with victories. Koneru (India) played her quiet, positional style and gradually has overcome her opponent. Once again, the opponent was deprived of the counter play opportunities and had to resign. Cramling (Sweden) played with Black against former World Champion Stefanova (Bulgaria) and achieved a good position at the end of the opening Read more...

Top territory invites to the amateur chess tournament
September 7, 2008
The «Top territory» magazine with the help of the organizational committee of the world's women's chess championship announces the chess-tournament among the journalists and chess-lovers, consisting of 9 rounds in the Swiss system Read more...

Chinese tie-break day
September 6, 2008
Both Chinese players won their tie-break contest against a Russian and an Italian opponent. Hou Yifan showed the determination she lacked yesterday and won both rapid games. In the second rapid game she used a line against Sedina`s French defense that was applied by Aljechin and later by others (immediately chasing the Black Bishop from b4 by a3) and then castled long after a few more moves. In the press conference she told that the long castling was not a home preparation just was made by instinct. Anyhow, it served her well Read more...

We saw with our eyes and hospitality of the people of Kabardino-Balkaria
September 5, 2008
This afternoon the organizing Committee of the Women's World Chess Championship , Nalchik 2008 received hereby message Read more...

Claudia Amura danced "Kafa"
September 5, 2008
A chess player from Argentina Claudia Amura visited a Kabardian wedding party in the village of Kenzhe. She was invited there by officers of the KBR Brunch of the Federal Tax Bureau. Claudia who is here for the first time was enraptured with everything she saw Read more...

Big guns in the quarter final
September 5, 2008
After the 3rd round games, it became clear that several "big guns" qualified into the quarter final: Koneru, Kosteniuk, Stefanova, Cramling and at a slight surprise Mrktchian and Ushenina Read more...

Kosteniuk won Russian domestic duel
September 5, 2008
While both Kosteniuk and Kosintseva missed the opportunities in the yesterday`s game to finish it with winning, this time Alexandra Kosteniuk led the Black figures with firm hand to victory. In a closed Spanish opening, Kosintseva took the line used by Kasparov against Short in 1993 and also successfully Stefansson against Adams in 2002 and had a chance to keep a slight advantage. First she diverted from the optimal line in move 13th and was unable to find the best continuation in the complicated center-battle a few moves later Read more...



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