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Vladimir BELOV, grandmaster. The Day Two Review
August 31, 2008
After winning the first game, the players try to make the second one going smooth and calm. The next game is unique in a way that looking at it one can never guess who won the previous encounter. Read more...

Appeal's Committee Ruling
August 31, 2008
The Appeals Committee met today 31.08.2008 at 20.00 hrs to examine a protest made by the player Ms Monika Socko regarding her game with Sabina-Francesca Foisor. Read more...

Dramatic end of the first round
August 31, 2008
The afternoon was full of excitement and expectations, ten players came to the boards to decide the outcome of their battles in tie-break games. Read more...

August 31, 2008
Today on August 31 is the third day of the Championship. Ten participants whose games ended in a draw started their tiebreaks today. Read more...

Monica Sochko - an excellent chess player who is nice to talk to on different topics
August 31, 2008
A Polich chess player Monika Sochko is answering the questions of a journalist Evgeni Surov Read more...

Anzel Solomons is quite satisfied with her play
August 31, 2008
Women' s World Chess Championship has had its first losses on the third day of the tournament. The chess players who lost in the first round are leaving Nalchik. One of them is the representative from RSA Anzel Solomons. Read more...

Day 2. Workday routine begins
August 30, 2008
It took more time to finish the other games. Xu Yuhua didn't use all her power to win the game playing with black against her opponent from the RSA who is scored 600 points less. She was quite satisfied with a draw. In general, the second day was much longer and strained. Read more...

Flowers and a doll for Anna Ushenina
August 30, 2008
The Ukraine representative Anna Ushenina also celebrated her birthday at the Championship in Nalchik. Read more...

One can visit Nalchik any time
August 30, 2008
An interview with the chess player from the Germany Ketino Kachiani Read more...

Vladimir BELOV, grandmaster. The Day One Review
August 30, 2008
Most exciting chess of the first day was played between the favorites and the underdogs. Sometimes the only things necessary for the stronger ones were to succeed in the opening and calculate some simple tactics. For example, look at the examples below. Read more...

Koneru advanced first to the 2nd round
August 30, 2008
The player from India who is one the favorite contenders quickly finished her second game in a convincing manner and qualified herself to the second round. Read more...

Anna Zatonskih enjoys her trip to the Blue Lakes.
August 30, 2008
One of the best US chess players and twofold Ukraine Champion Anna Zatonskih was the first among the Championship participants to get acquainted with the beauties of Kabardino-Balkaria. Anna got a couple days of rest because of her Georgian opponent's refusal to participate. In the company of her husband and the coach Daniel Fridman she made a trip to the Blue Lakes, the deepest lakes in Russia. Read more...

Happy birthday to Sabina!!!
August 30, 2008
The chess player from Romania Sabina-Francesca Foisor celebrated her birthday on the second day of the Championship. The Organizing Committee of the Championship congratulated her on her 19 birthday with champagne and a cake with candles. Read more...

Men dont have any advantage in chess.
August 30, 2008
The results of the first day of the Championship were summarized at the press conference. Read more...

The first move has been done, the rest follow.
August 30, 2008
In spite of the disturbing events preceding the Womens World Championship the boycott of the Georgian chess players and refusals of some other participants for reasons of security the tournament in Nalchik has started. After the colorful Opening Ceremony held the day before, the best chess players began the contest. Read more...



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