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Kosteniuk won the first game in the final
September 14, 2008

Playing with White, Hou Yifan had to face with a closed Ruy Lopez again. She has chosen a structure with pawns on a3, c3, and d3 and placed the Bishop on c2 after Black`s usual attack with Na5.

After Kosteniuk replied with Bd7 to h3, Hou pushed the d pawn forward and closed the centre, which gave a slight advantage to Black. The crucial point in the party came at the 17th move when Hou aggressively made g4 and got the reply h5 from Kosteniuk with a rather clear advantage for Black. As Kosteniuk later in the press conference revealed, not long ago she had been invited to a chess training camp for youngsters to give lectures on the Spanish defence. There they also played a few games and in one of them, she had also chosen g4 as a kind of adventure. Then, she easily lost the game. Thus, now when her opponent decided for a similar adventure, she remembered that the position is favourable for Black.

Although Hou Yifan used every available move to defend the position, after the decisive Nd3 move from Black, she had to give way to a Black pawn onto the square d2.  Thereafter, Black was able to establish several threats against the White King which finally ended up in White`s loosing her Knight. Hou resigned at the 48th move. Tomorrow, Kosteniuk plays with White.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director

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Round 6, game 1.
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