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The crown for the Queen
September 16, 2008

Several days are left before the end of the World Chess Championship. The participants and guests will go home to tell everybody about a wonderful place - Kabardino-Balkaria. Besides reminiscences the chess players will get quite tangible attributes of the Championship: various prizes, souvenirs, badges, and what is more important - awards that the finalists will get.
The fact that the Champion gets a gold medal and a crown makes  women's chess different  from other sports.
When Deputy Prime Minister Madina Dyshekova asked the Director General of "Terek-Almaz" company if they would be able to make a crown he answered without a moment's hesitation that it would be a great honor for them. The crown is made by a master-jeweler of the company Saphar Tarchokov. He is also the author of the design-project.
Here it is in my hands. I can't express my feelings - because of the beauty of the crown and because I touched slightly though the history that is being made right now.  The crown is made of 65 gr. of yellow and white 585gold, and  is decorated with 46 diamonds and 3 blue sapphires. It looks especially beautiful in the sun. Its price is high but no money can measure  its value. In other words the crown is a masterpiece that emits light and warmth of Kabardino-Balkaria which cannot be purchased with money.      

Arsen Bulatov
The  Kabardino-Balkarskaya Pravda

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