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Kosteniuk won Russian domestic duel
September 5, 2008

While both Kosteniuk and Kosintseva missed the opportunities in the yesterday`s game to finish it with winning, this time Alexandra Kosteniuk led the Black figures with firm hand to victory. In a closed Spanish opening, Kosintseva took the line used by Kasparov against Short in 1993 and also successfully Stefansson against Adams in 2002 and had a chance to keep a slight advantage. First she diverted from the optimal line in move 13th and was unable to find the best continuation in the complicated center-battle a few moves later.

After White missed the necessary move to keep the balance at the crucial moment of the game, Kosteniuk with Black took over the initiative and gradually increased her advantage.

The crucial position of the game where White made 19. Nd2 (instead of 19. Qe2 Ne3 20. Qe3 Nc6 21. Nf5 and White attacks) with the continuation Ne3 20. fe Qe6 21.Qf3 g6 22. e4 Qc6 and the initiative is on the Black side. The rest was only a question of technique but the game ended only at move 47th.

Peter Rajcsanyi
ess Director

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Round 3, game 2
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