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Big guns in the quarter final
September 5, 2008

After the 3rd round games, it became clear that several "big guns" qualified into the quarter final: Koneru, Kosteniuk, Stefanova, Cramling and at a slight surprise Mrktchian and Ushenina.

The play they have shown was convincing in each case and the victories just somehow fell into their hands. It does not mean that they did not fight with their opponents long battles but usually each turn of the battle favored them and gradually the opponent lost all chances for a counter-play. We have not seen novelties but solid, well built structures and game strategies.

Tomorrow, there will be another tie-break day with Sedina - Hou (!!) where the Italian equalized the score by winning today and Kosintseva N - Shen Yang.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director 

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Round 3, game 2
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