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Kosteniuk in the Semi-Final
September 8, 2008

Former World Championship finalist, Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) has been showing great determination and a good form in the Women`s World Chess Championship in Nalchik. After she played a draw yesterday with White against Anna Ushenina, today in a Qc2 Nimzo-Indian she defeated her opponent in 25 moves with Black.

Quite early in the game they reached the culmination point:

At the 14th move, Ushenina had the chance to take on d5 but instead she sent her Bishop to h7 and pulled it back to d3 which was an unnecessary lost of tempo. So the game followed 14. Bh7 Kg7 15 Bd3 b6 16 cb d4 (!) 17 ed Nd3 18 Qd3 Re8. The move d4 proved to be decisive. White could not finish development anymore, her King stayed in the middle. The rest was rather simple technique.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director

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Round 4, game 2
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