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Four-three-two/two-and one(s)
September 3, 2008

This is not a new code word for any secret matter. It simply reflects how many players from the different nations got into the next round. Although predictions at the beginning of the Women`s World Chess Championship could have been different in many ways, they had some common features. One the common views had been that Russian and Chinese players will in rather large numbers qualify themselves into the 3rd round and maybe thereafter. 

This exactly is what happened: four Russians (Kosintseva sisters, Kosteniuk, and Matveeva) and three Chinese (Hou Yifan, Ruan and Shen) players will compete in the next round. Then we have two players both from India (Koneru and Harika) and Ukraine (Gaponenko and Ushenina).

Each other player qualified represents one nation: Hoang (Hungary), Sedina (Italy), Mkrtchian (Armenia), Cramling (Sweden) and Stefanova (Bulgaria).

The pairing tree has some interesting arrangements and the ratio achieved so far may change substantially after the third round that can be watched on the official website from tomorrow on (starting at 3:00 pm local time).

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director

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Round 2. Tie-breaks
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