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Anna Zatonskih enjoys her trip to the Blue Lakes.
August 30, 2008

One of  the best US chess players and twofold Ukraine Champion Anna Zatonskih was the first among the Championship participants to get acquainted with the beauties of Kabardino-Balkaria. Anna got a couple days of rest because of her Georgian opponent's refusal to participate. In the company of her husband and  the coach Daniel Fridman she made a trip to the Blue Lakes, the deepest lakes in Russia.

-What are your impressions?

Anna: I have a lot of impressions. I like  nature very much. Beautiful landscapes give me much pleasure. A very picturesque place, a lot of greenery, a wonderful gorge, a river.  I think it is  thousand years old. Great!

Daniel: We couldn't help admiring the intricately snaking river stream. Nature really makes wonders!  We were amazed by the tunnel in the rocky thickness. The beauty of the Blue Lakes is beyond any words. Anna even wanted to dive but we decided she'd better not to before the tournament.

- Now that you are here your prejudices concerning the situation in the Caucasus has probably vanished?

Anna: To tell you the truth I didn't have any. We have a lot of acquaintances in Nalchik and we were aware of the situation from the first hand not from the Internet.

Daniel: In America as well people are usually warned against going to Mexico. But it doesn't prevent lots of Americans from having their vacations there.

- What's your opinion of the level the Championship has been organized? Please, be frank...

Anna:  The organization is perfect, a very comfortable playing hall. But most of all I was struck by the opening ceremony! I was also present at the opening ceremony in the world championship in  Moscow, which was also great. But unlike this event there were no national dances and amateur performances. I was especially amazed by the little boy's performance during the official ceremony of drawing.

- The current Championship has acquired some political coloration. What do you think of it ?

Anna: It's a pity that the Georgian chess-players have not arrived. But  at the same time I don't think that the Russian chess-players would go to Georgia under similar conditions.

- If Lanchava had arrived who would be the winner do you think?

Anna:  My rating is much higher. Presumably, I had better chances, though I have to admit that she is a strong player as well. But anything could happen.

- You are a USA citizen. What is the situation with chess overseas?

Anna:  The professional level of the players is, certainly, not the same as in Europe. However, they pay special attention to children's chess. There is an opinion that chess contributes to the all-sided development of a child. Special research in this field showed that chess playing enhances academic abilities of a child.

Daniel: The situation in Germany where we live now is quite different: children's chess is  not so developed. At the same there are lots of leagues for the chess-players of various level.  One can observe a chess boom there in connection with the coming World Chess Olympiad

- Anna, you have bee playing chess since your childhood?

- Somewhere from the age of four or five.. My parents are chess-players. My father was very much eager to have a son to get him involved in the chess. Since I'm the only child in the family I had to start playing chess. I used to play with neighbor boys, later I joined the chess club. In fact I was going in for track and field events. But I had to drop it because of the appendectomy. So I made a choice in favor of chess. And my first success confirmed that I made the right choice.

- What is your attitude to the differentiation of men's and women's chess. From the ordinary point of view it is not reasonable enough since there is no direct physical opposition.

- Anna: It is a superficial vision of the problem . If fact long concentration of attention and psychic tension are very exhausting. You know that at times chess players may lose tens kilos during the game. So this requires good physical form. That is why many chess-players go in for sports.

- Thank you very much for the talk.

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