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Day 2. Workday routine begins
August 30, 2008

The second day of the tournament differs greatly from the first one. The Opening ceremony is over, greeting speeches have been made, honorable guests have left, and workday routine has begun.

The majority of the favorites in the parings of the first round had won their games the day before and today have put it to its logical conclusion. The lower part of the tournament table attracted the main attention because the players of almost the same class played against each other. Many of them had finished their games in a draw the day before.  

Without taking into consideration those players who passed  on to the next round because of the absence of their opponents, the first chess player who got into the next round was Humpy Koneru. She won the second game playing against  Alaa El Din from Egipt. Chinese chess players Hou Yifan and Zhao Xue followed Humpy's pattern.

It took more time to finish the other games. Xu Yuhua didn't use all her power to win the game playing with black against her opponent from the RSA who is scored 600 points less. She was quite satisfied with a draw. In general, the second day was much longer and strained. 

The main question of the day was whether Zhukova and  Paehtz would be able to win back. Having to play with black Natalia's task was more difficult. Both of them, though not without their opponents' help  Rohonyan and Kadimova coped with this task. Tomorrow they and three other pairings will play tiebreaks.    

However, the majority of the participants will have an out-of schedule day-off. They plan to do the sights. Some of the players like the Elo-favorite  Koneru will have four such days-off.  According to the schedule she was to play with the winner of the pairing Lomineishvili - Khukhashvili. Kosteniuk is in the same situation.

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The second day
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