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Dramatic end of the first round
August 31, 2008

The afternoon was full of excitement and expectations, ten players came to the boards to decide the outcome of their battles in tie-break games.

In the two rapid games, we got two decisions and two players going into the second round: Rohonyan (USA) won against Zhukova and Ju Wenjun (China) had beaten Bojkovic. On all the other boards, the games ended in draw after strong fights.

During the 2nd blitz games, Mkrtchian (Armenia) succeeded to win against Moser and got the chance to release the tension of the day by chatting with friends, and going to the restaurant after a quick and happy press conference performance.

The Paehtz - Kadimova and the Socko - Foisor pairs had to face another challenge, the sudden death game. Relying on her time advantage after the opening moves and using rather aggressive playing style, Paehtz (Germany) won the game and qualified   into the 2nd round. As she told during the press conference, she was unable to evaluate for herself the ever-changing positions of the game while playing it but was convinced that she should win it somehow. Then she succeeded.

In the Socko - Foisor sudden death game, both players used her available time up to the maximum and then Foisor`s flag fell when only two kings and two knights (one for each player) were on the board. The situation immediately triggered debate whether the flag-fall or the drawish position should be taken as the basis of the decision of the arbiters. After long discussions and official appeals provided by the players, the Appeal`s Committee made the final decision: the winner is Socko (Poland). (See the official decision of the Appeal`s Committee).

Thus, we have the group of players for the second round starting tomorrow 3:00 pm local time.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director

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