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Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov will take part in the Opening Ceremony of the World Championship
August 6, 2008

President of KBR Arsen Kanokov held a regular meeting of the Organizing committee on the preparation and holding of the Women's World Chess Championship in Nalchik. Deputy President of FIDE Georgios Makropoulos, FIDE Vice President Geoffrey Borg, and FIDE President's assistant Berik Balgabaev took part in the work of the meeting

"We are happy to have you here, - the President greeted the guests, - and although you have come for one day only I hope you will manage to combine work and leisure". The Head of the republic emphasized that there is little time left before the beginning of the Championship. Therefore the work on the preparation of the Championship should be accelerated. He also reminded that the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Chess Federation Alexander Zhukov will take part in the Opening Ceremony of the World Championship.  

Georgios Makropoulos said that FIDE representatives were happy to have an opportunity of holding the World Championship in Kabardino-Balkaria. He said: "We heard about your republic from Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Though we didn't have much time to see your republic we liked it very much. Thanks to the Championship people from 165 countries, all those who love chess will know about your republic. I know that you take great pains to hold the Championship on a high level and I would like to express my deep respect and thanks to you for that. We have come here to see the level of readiness for the championship and to share some pieces of advice with you so that the Championship should be held on the highest level. I would like to express my special thanks to the President of Kabardino-Balkaria for his personal support". 

As the Head of the State Committee of KBR on Culture and Sport Aslan Afaunov said problems with visas for participants, principals, accompanying persons and journalists have been successfully solved. 61 players out of 64 confirmed their participation in the Championship, and only one player from the USA Irina Krush refused for reasons of security.

150 people are expected to visit the republic mass media people exclusive. They will be served by three working groups: the first group will work at the venue, the second one will be responsible for meeting and seeing off the guests of the Championship, the third group - for feeding and accommodation. There are 15 banners placed all over the territory of the republic and they will be complemented with posters 20 days before the beginning of the Championship. Zero Bulletin of the Championship has been issued and sent to all the participants. Six teachers of English and 15 students from Kabardino-Balkarian State University will work as interpreters.

Office Manager of the President of KBR Mukhamed Shogenov informed that 36 computers, 7 laptops, 6 TV sets have been purchased for the Press Office and Arbiters of the Championship. Special furniture will have been ready by August 15. Guests will live in the Intour-Hotel "Sindica" and sanatorium "Chaika". Hotel "Grand-Kavkaz" and sanatorium "Grushevaya Rosh'ya" are kept in reserve. Playing hall will have been ready within the current week. 

Press Officer of the KBR President and Government Dzhamilya Khagarova said that 55 journalists will cover the Championship. 10 of them represent federal mass media, 20 journalists are from regional and 25 from republican mass media. Press Office plans to include into this list representatives of the world Internet resources from Germany, Great Britain, and Bulgaria. Preliminary arrangement to broadcast the Opening Ceremony, semi-final and final has been achieved with TV channels "Russia", "TVC", "NTV-plus", "MIR".  Press tour around the republic for federal mass media people is appointed for September 16.  The Championship is being announced on regional and republican mass media, news agencies and television. Information connected with the Championship is regularly sent to more than 200 federal and regional mass media. 6 videos and a presentation film about Kabardino-Balkaria have been shot. Videos announcing the Championship are being transmitted on all three republican TV channels; official web site of the Championship has also been created. Press Office of the Championship is being equipped with computers and  connected to the Internet.   

According to the Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Communications of KBR Nikolay Lyapin the scenario of the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Championship in Zeleny Theatre is ready. The programme of leisure-time activities for the players and accompanying people has been developed. He also suggested that Opening and Closing ceremonies should be transmitted on the State TV Channel of Kabardino-Balkaria.

As the acting head of the administration of the city of Nalchik Victor Sorokin said repair of the city chess club will have been finished by August 20. The territory around it will have been asphalted. Finishing work is being carried out inside the chess club. 

Independent-work contractor has been chosen to build chess summerhouse in the Atazhukinskiy Park. The work will have been finished by August 20.

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