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Arsen Kanokov makes a move 2-4
August 29, 2008

On August 28, 2008 the Women's World Chess Championship started in Nalchik. Arsen Kanokov made the first move «2-4» on the chess board of the Chinese chess player Xu Yuhua, the Championship favorite.

As the FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov said Arsen Kanokov started the winning game of the incumbent World Champion:  "If Xu Yuhua wins, her victory can be regarded as Kanocov's victory". In his interview to the journalists the President expressed his hope to see Nalchik among other chess cities of the world. "We will be glad if the Championship doesn't become a singular event for Kabardino-Balkaria.  We are ready to create all the necessary conditions in case FIDE chooses Nalchik for events like that. We have about 15 chess clubs and I am sure that the current Championship will give an impulse for this game popularization".

Kirsan Ilymzhinov expressed his gratitude to the organizers for the excellent conditions provided for this Championship. He particularly noticed: "We hold different tournaments of different levels but conditions like that can hardly be met elsewhere. We shall support Kabardino-Balkaria's plans in every way possible to popularize this game".  

As Kirsan Ilymzhinov underlined FIDE is intended to put forward a suggestion to hold one of the Grand Prix tournaments in Nalchik. The series of these events is going to be introduced into the tournament regulations next year.

The President of Kalmykia praised the restored chess pavilions in the city park. He offered to set up special prizes for chess admirers who use to play chess there.

According to him, Nalchik will be included in the FIDE calendar. He himself being 14 year old boy became the Champion of Kalmykia.  

His first important victory can be referred to the age of 5 when he became the winner of street championship, with the first prize of a pack of beer. He remembered: "Because of my young age I wasn't given beer, I had to be contented with two bottles of lemonade and a biscuit".

   The President of FIDE said that it is 100 % - not 99% of schoolchildren that are involved in chess activity in Kalmykia. It has a positive effect on children's discipline. He underlined that chess contributes to his work as a statesman. It usually helps him to figure out correct moves.

The KBR President Arsen Kanokov admitted his love for chess but however he referred to the lack of time to play a game of chess. He did it last time when he was a student. He remarked: "The game is really intellectual, it develops reasoning and thinking. But unfortunately I can't afford myself playing chess when I have to settle so many important problems".

Chess as any kind of sports is very beneficial for the young generation. As an example the president referred to the football team SPARTAK. He said that the moment SPARTAK started to play among the top football teams of Russia football immediately became popular with children.

Since the Georgian chess players refused to participate in the World Chess Championship on account of the events in South Ossetia the conversation naturally shifted onto politics. 

The political context of the Championship was defined by Kirsan Ilymzhinov as an "American Gambit" . The USA sacrificed the whole nation as a simple pawn. "I would advise the politicians to sort out the relationships at a chess board not involving any weapon" - he said.  

In the end, Kirsan Ilymzhinov announced that the table tennis coach from KBR Vartan Gasparov has been awarded the title of the Honored Person of Sport and Culture of Kalmykia.  "He is the man who has been helping to develop table tennis in our republic for many years".

The Press Service of the President and the Government of KBR

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