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Beautiful Closing Ceremony
September 19, 2008
The Women`s World Chess Championship 2008 in Nalchik ended with a closing ceremony where the President of Kabardino-Balkaria, Arcen Kanokov and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov awarded the winners of the Championship Read more...

Alexandra Kosteniuk is the new Queen of the women chess
September 17, 2008
In the first three games of the final in the Women`s World Chess Championship Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) scored 2 points by winning the first game and making two draws. In the 2nd and 3rd games, she had advantage but her opponent used high skill to defend the positions and save the games in draw Read more...

Work of the Press Center
September 17, 2008
Beyond the players who are the key to any tournament, the success of a World Chess Championship depends on good organization and on the excellent work of the media people Read more...

Sergey SHIPOV , grandmaster. The Round Sixth Review
September 17, 2008
All the same these rook endgames are never won!
The final match for the crown is a real endgame manual where the theme is "mysterious survivals in totally lost positions". You can judge it by yourself: in the second game Kosteniuk did not win the rook ending three pawns up, in the third game she drew with two extra pawns! Aleksandra had 5 spare pawns in the two endgames. The analysis showed that these results were just: the drawing tendencies were too strong, and Hou revealed all the defensive resources needed to survive Read more...

Kosteniuk still leads after another draw
September 16, 2008
In another Spanish party, Kosteniuk had to be satisfied with a draw in a position where she had material advantage (one pawn up) but there was no way to force a win Read more...

The crown for the Queen
September 16, 2008
Several days are left before the end of the World Chess Championship. The participants and guests will go home to tell everybody about a wonderful place - Kabardino-Balkaria. Besides reminiscences the chess players will get quite tangible attributes of the Championship: various prizes, souvenirs, badges, and what is more important - awards that the finalists will get Read more...

Edible chess from Zhako
September 16, 2008
A cherished dream of many chess players seems to have come true. Now the opponent's chess piece can be literally eaten."Zhako " confectionary has dated production of new chocolates for the Women's World Chess Championship. Thirty two pieces made of chocolate look like their wooden or bone confreres. One can play with them quite normally if not played in hot rooms Read more...

Sergey SHIPOV , grandmaster. The Round Sixth Review
September 16, 2008
The first game of the final was dominated by the Russian. She confidently equalized in the opening and skillfully capitalized on the inaccuracies of the opponent. The Chinese acted too straightforwardly, without considering the nuances of the position. I am sure that the best male grandmasters would be pleased to sign the scoresheet from the Black side, as Kosteniuk played strongly and consistently. This was champion's chess! Read more...

Kosteniuk misses victory but preserves lead with draw
September 15, 2008
After the Round 5 day 1 game, Alexandra Kosteniuk was again facing the French defense chosen by Hou Yifan. However, this time she settled for the Tarrasch with Nd2 and the game developed with the regular moves (3...c5 4 Ngf3 cd 5 ed Qd5) Read more...

Stephanova did not lose unlike her coach Gergiev
September 15, 2008
In Ladia  chess-drafts club  there was held  a  simultaneous chess-game   of the 2004  world chess champion Antoanetta Stephanova against members of the club  school children mainly from Nalchik schools Read more...

Kosteniuk won the first game in the final
September 14, 2008
Playing with White, Hou Yifan had to face with a closed Ruy Lopez again. She has chosen a structure with pawns on a3, c3, and d3 and placed the Bishop on c2 after Black`s usual attack with Na5 Read more...

Waterfall and traditions
September 14, 2008
On the free day, a large group of WWCC participants, including Hou Yifan and Pia Cramling, officials, organizers made a side trip to the waterfalls in the Chegmet district and also enjoyed a traditional warm welcome reception.

The excursion to the waterfall was with full of fun. It was not only very nice when we could see the water coming down in a huge gorge from above on certain places as a tight block and on other places as a veil pushed by the wind to and fro Read more...

Sergey SHIPOV , grandmaster. The Round Five Review
September 14, 2008
The women's championship is far more interesting than men's! Women always play aggressive chess. Nobody is over-cautious or uses the defensive approach. Being a man, it is a bit offensive for me to admit that the girls are much closer to the great medieval ideals than the stronger gender is Read more...

Russian - Chinese final in the Women`s World Championship
September 12, 2008
While Hou Yifan (China) easily won the first Blitz game in Queen Indian with Black after Koneru made a mistake, the second Blitz brought a more intense fight until the 25th move Read more...

Koneru equalized in the 2nd tie break game
September 12, 2008
Playing with White, Koneru has chosen Queen Indian and developed the opening with a slight advantage. However, the advantage could have been bigger by playing 9 Qa4 or 9 cd Read more...



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