Three weeks of play and passion
August 12, 2008

Kabardino-Balkaria will get into the atmosphere of play and passion for 21 days. Women's World Chess Championship, the most significant FIDE event of 2008 will be held in Nalchik. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Chess Federation Alexander Zhukov, plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the South Federal District Vladimir Ustinov, FIDE President and the President of the Republic of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will be the guests of honor of the Opening ceremony. 

Ceremonial opening of the Women's World Chess Championship will be held on August 28 in Zeleny Theatre - Russia's biggest out-of-door theatre. Organizers plan making the official Opening ceremony theatricals. Two chess queens on horseback - girls in black and white dresses accordingly  - will come to the stage of Zeleny Theatre. Organizers keep secret about the way the Prime queen of the event will appear with her retinue. Guests of honor will give salutatory speeches. After that FIDE President and the President of the Republic of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will declare the Championship open. Then the draw for colours for the first round shall be conducted. Zsuzsanna Veroci, Chief Arbiter of the Championship will declare its results.  All addresses and speeches will be translated into English.

The first game of the first round will take place on August 29 in the Intour-Hotel "Sindica". All the following games of the Championship will be held there.

32 pairs will simultaneously get into a chess battle. Alexander Zhukov will be given the honorary right of the opening move. World Champion of 2006 Xu Yuhua holds number 1 although her rating is not the highest - 2483. In the first round she will compete with Anzel Solomons from South African Republic (1895). 28 of 64 players hold the title of the Woman International Master (WIM) and 7 of them hold the title of International Grandmaster. There will be 8 players from China, 7 from Russia, 6 participants from Georgia. 4 chess players will come from India, and 3 from the Ukraine. The rest countries are represented by one or two participants. 

Chess fans will be able to follow the games via large TV screens placed in the conference hall of the hotel. They will also get information on the games and results of the previous rounds from the leaflets, special bulletins displayed on TV screens placed in the foyer. International Grandmaster Yevgeny Vasyukov will come to comment on the games.

Internet users all over the world will be able to follow the games on-line on the official site of the Championship There is all necessary equipment in the Press Office of the Championship with computers and Internet access. Daily press conferences with participants, principals and organizers will be conducted for the media people. Right before the final game participants will have a free day. The programme of this day has been developed. The guests will be shown the sights of Nalchik and picturesque places of the republic. Chess players can choose the routes of their trips. They can visit Chigemskiye Waterfalls, Blue Lakes, national park "Prielbrusie".

There shall be five rounds of matches, comprising two games per round, with the winners progressing to the next round. The 6th round (final round) shall be played over four games and the winner will be declared Women's World Champion.

The final game and coronation of the new chess queen will be held on September 18 in the presence of numerous spectators and journalists.

The prize fund of the Championship will comprise 450,000 USD. The title sponsor of the Championship bearing main financial expenses is the Moscow holding company "Sindica".

The Press Service of the President and Government of KBR