Golden Crown for the Chess Queen will be decorated with diamonds
Julys 14, 2008

64 top qualified players from 32 countries are getting ready to take part in the World Women's Chess Championship which is to take place in Nalchik from August 28 to September 18, 2008.

Kabardino-Balkaria is also getting ready for this great competition. The organizing Committee of the Championship has been established, the emblem and talisman have been designed, and all problems concerning granting of visas, meeting members of FIDE, participants and guests and their accommodation are being decided. Official site of the Championship will be launched one of these days. It will provide live Internet broadcasting of matches.

Souvenirs for the sportsmen, arbiters and journalists are being prepared. So the organizers of the Championship have a very busy season.

The General sponsor of the Championship, a Moscow proprietary company "Sindica" will bear the main financial expenses. And the expenses are rather high if to take into account that only the prize fund of the Championship is US $450,000.

The design of the golden crown decorated with diamonds has been approved. It will be made at the plant of "Terek- Almaz".

The Championship will be held in Intour Hotel "Sindica". Special screens will be fixed in a Large conference hall and a lobby. Organizers plan to invite World Chess Champion Boris Spassky as a commentator. Scripts of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in the open-air Zeleny Theatre have already been written, advertising video clips and a film about KBR are being shot.

President of KBR Arsen Kanokov says that large sport and cultural events will be held regularly in the republic. It will promote raising the republic's status and let a large number of people get acquainted with its natural and economic potential. "We must consider every minutiae and gain experience of holding suchlike events. The Championship must be held on a high level and I think mass media - central ones inclusive, will widely cover it. It is of great importance for our republic".

The Press Service of the President and Government of KBR