Who will become the 12 champion?
Julys 16, 2008

The first women's international chess competition took place in the beginning of the XX century.

The title of the woman champion was officially approved in 1927 on the initiative of FIDE which began holding World Championships under its auspices. Seven events and a championship were held in 1927-1939. Vera Menchik won all of them. After her death in 1944 FIDE organized in Moscow a tournament in 1949-1950 which was won by Liudmila Rudenko who became the second world chess champion. In 1953 Liudmila Rudenko lost the return match to Elizaveta Bikova. In 1956 Olga Rubtsova won the title of the Champion.

The era of Gaprindashvili was set in 1962. For 16 years she had kept the title. Gaprindashvili became the first woman to be awarded the (men's) international Grandmaster title. The first women Chess Oscar was awarded to Gaprindashvili.

In 1978 Gaprindashvili lost to Maia Chiburdanidze with the score of 8,5:6,5 and became the sixth Women's World Champion.

After Maia Chiburdanidze Chinese player Xie Jun got into the chess Olymp. But her triumph didn't last long. A Hungarian Zsuzsa Polgar burst into the chess elite like a hurricane and had kept the champion title for a long time.

The Chinese dominance was reconfirmed when Zhu Chen won the title of the ninth world chess champion.

The tenth champion Antoaneta Stefanova became a deserved "ornament" of the chess queens dynasty. In 2004 she managed not only to get into the history but to conquer the wise game's admirers' hearts. The eleventh champion Chinese player Xu Yuhua who won the champion title in 2006 will add immensity to the intrigue of the coming event in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Who will become the twelfth champion? We shall it very soon.

"Kabardino-Balkarskaya pravda"