Svetlana Matveeva mastered her impulse to give up
September 4, 2008

Svetlana Matveeva comments on her important victory over the incumbent World Champion Xu Yuhua:

- Sveta, will you tell us a few words about the round in general. You said that you had won the previous one on the account of your opponent's mistakes. What can you say about this one?
- My position in this round was also really serious and difficult. Pretty soon I lost the right to castle and I had to defend myself. It is always more difficult to defend that's why I committed a serious mistake closer to the time control. As a result my position was almost hopeless. Somewhere on the 36-38th moves I thought the game was over and resigned myself to the tiebreak. Then I overcame the impulse to give up immediately and decided to fight. At that very moment my opponent lost her confidence. Not making correct moves she was constantly putting herself obstacles to win. In the end she committed a serious mistake and lost a lot of time.

- You played with her two years ago in the semi-final. Then Xu Yuhua won. What changes did you both undergo?
- To begin with, she became a mother of a baby boy. This is the main thing for any woman. Now she spends more time with her family and her child. That's why I think she has lost her confidence and permanent readiness for play tension. Judging by recent tournaments I can see that her level of playing has a bit lowered. As for me, the victory has inspired me but I wouldn't speak of some powerful surge of energy because one can't expect great sport success at my age. But truly speaking I got rid of some psychological problems and I hope it will help me to play the next game successfully.

- Will it be easier to play in the tournament without the incumbent Champion?
- I don't think anybody pays much attention to such things. Those who are left are also very strong chess players. There are no weak players left by the third round.

- Have you played with Ushenina before?
- Yes, we had several draws. This time we shall "sort out our relationship" seriously.

- Thank you and good luck.

Askhat Mechiev