Koneru equalized in the 2nd tie break game
September 12, 2008

Playing with White, Koneru has chosen Queen Indian and developed the opening with a slight advantage. However, the advantage could have been bigger by playing 9 Qa4 or 9 cd.



In the position shown, the game followed as 16 Bc3 Rad8 17 g4 (Rfd1 could have preserved the advantage for White) Nc6 18 Qf2 Nd4 19 Rfe1 f6 20 ef Rf6 21 f5 ef 22 gf Rff8 and the game is balanced.

Hou did not find the best continuation to maintain an equal standing and gave way to White for gaining advantage. However, the advantage disappeared when Koneru  did not play aggressively enough. Both players had time troubles although it was more threatening to Hou. Under time pressure, Hou made the first mistake. Although, Koneru had many chances to win rather quickly, she has not found immediately the best move (Qc6) and the time trouble reached her, too. Finally with only a few seconds left on both sides, she closed the game with mating her Chinese opponent.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director