Russian - Chinese final in the Women`s World Championship
September 12, 2008

While Hou Yifan (China) easily won the first Blitz game in Queen Indian with Black after Koneru made a mistake, the second Blitz brought a more intense fight until the 25th move.

Before that, the game was equalized by Black who has chosen a Pirc/Modern defense. Koneru was to play for winning and took some risky actions which were defended by her opponent. In an equal position shown below

White made a "typical" Blitz game move 23 Bc5 (instead of the better Nf6) and the game followed 23... Bg5 24 Qb4 Be3 25 Kh1 and Black seemingly refused the attack. However, Koneru made another blunder with 25...Qh4?? (while Bc5 equalizes). Thereafter, the young Chinese girl was unstoppable and won the right to play in the final at 41st move.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director