Edible chess from «Zhako»
September 16, 2008

A cherished dream of many chess players seems to have come true. Now the opponent's chess piece can be literally eaten."Zhako " confectionary has dated production of new chocolates for the Women's World Chess Championship. Thirty two pieces made of chocolate look like their wooden or bone confreres. One can play with them quite normally if not played in hot rooms.
All the  pieces beginning with pawns and finishing with Queens are hand made. First, two halves of each piece are cast in special moulds and then stuck together. There is a surprise in each peace: either a fondant-cream or alcoholized sea-buckthorn filling. The whole set of edible Guards is covered with special confectionary lacquer to prevent them from melting in hands of especially nervous chess players.
According to the Director General of the confectionary Aslan Zhakamukhov the chocolate will not be produced for mass consumption. Several chocolate sets will be given to the participants of the Championship; as for the others they can buy "chocochess" in "Zhako" confectionary's. The idea of chocolate chess is not new. They have been produced before to display at exhibitions. By the way, the board also used to be edible. Now it is a pasteboard box made in one of the printeries of the Moscow region and it can be used as a real chess board. Don't miss your chance to play chess even if the pieces are made of chocolate!

Arsen Bulatov
The Kabardino-Balkarskaya Pravda