Alexandra Kosteniuk is the new Queen of the women chess
September 17, 2008

In the first three games of the final in the Women`s World Chess Championship Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) scored 2 points by winning the first game and making two draws. In the 2nd and 3rd games, she had advantage but her opponent used high skill to defend the positions and save the games in draw.

Today, in a Scheveningen Sicilian, Hou tried to sharpen the game in order to force Kosteniuk make some mistakes. However, the Sicilian is always double-edged and risks are on both sides. Leading the White figures with firm hands, Kosteniuk avoided to take  unnecessary risks, solidified the position and then went into attack. After the time control, her position already was somewhat better and had chances to establish threats and build mating nets. Hou defended nicely, gave up her Queen for Bishop and Rook to create some complications for White. The threat was well refused by Kosteniuk and the parties agreed on a draw at the 56th move. Thus, Alexandra Kosteniuk became Woman World Chess Champion. Congratulations and best wishes to her.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Director